“Ready-Made” Wedding Dresses Misconceptions

What is a ready-made wedding dress?

Ready-made wedding dresses are the same as off-the-rack and ready-to-wear wedding dresses.

Ready-made wedding dresses are pre-designed and pre-constructed gowns available for purchase in standard sizes. Unlike custom or made-to-measure dresses that are tailored to a bride’s specific measurements, ready-made dresses are produced in bulk following standard sizing charts.

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Ready-made wedding dresses are a popular choice for many brides, but there are several misconceptions surrounding them.

Limited in Style and Quality

Many believe that ready-made dresses don’t offer as much variety or are of lower quality compared to custom-made gowns. However, ready-made dresses come in a wide range of styles, designs, and high-quality fabrics, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

You will easily find ready-to-wear gown in all silhouettes (mermaid, sheath, trumpet, a-line) and necklines (v-neck, off-shoulder, sweetheart).

No Alteration Possibilities

There’s a misconception that ready-made dresses cannot be altered. In reality, most brides do get their ready-made gowns altered for a better fit. While the base design remains the same, significant alterations can be made (and are always recommended).

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Some people think that ready-made means a universal fit. Ready-made dresses come in standard sizes, and it’s rare to find a dress that fits perfectly without any alterations.

Not as Special or Unique

Some brides feel a ready-made dress won’t be as special or unique as a custom-made one. However, many ready-made gowns are beautifully crafted with unique designs and details, making them just as special.

Only for Brides on a Tight Budget

While ready-made dresses can be more budget-friendly, they are not solely for those with tight finances. Many high-end designers offer ready-made gowns, providing options for various budget levels.

Not Suitable for Plus-Size Brides

There’s a notion that ready-to-wear dresses only cater to standard sizes, leaving out plus-size brides. However, many designers and stores offer a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes, in their ready-made collections.

Inferior Experience in Shopping

The belief that shopping for a ready-made dress offers a less enjoyable experience than choosing a custom gown is most definitely not true – especially if you’re going in for a fitting at a bridal store.

Most bridal shops (including our own!) provide a wonderful, personalised shopping experience for ready-to-wear gowns.

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